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#Creatorship - a new creative leadership program

February 16th 2022

Creativity: Love in Action. Chris will be one of the experts in #Creatorship - a creative leadership training, March - June 2022, that combines the science of leadership with the power of artistic ingenuity to empower leaders with skills and insights to lead collaborative teams, solve challenges and navigate the uncertainty and rapid change of the 21st Century effectively.

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EURONEWS for the opening of Kaunas 2022

January 27th 2022

'It was an open-air extravaganza. The Lithuanian city of Kaunas marked the start of its programme as European Capital of Culture2022 with ceremony and fanfare. The main attraction was a spectacular light show with video projections - a kind of visual time travel through the history of Kaunas which wants to re-invent itself as a capital of culture.'

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Kaunas2022 - The opening show has a positive message at its core!

January 5th 2022

That we face the struggles of life through the cultures we share and the stories we tell one another! So, although this show is a story of Kaunas, it is also a story for Lithuania and Europe. It contains the voices of Kaunas, the buildings of Kaunas and the stories of Kaunas past and present – but they are stories we can all relate to.

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