Wroclaw 2016

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Wrocław European Capital of Culture 2016

The Flow Quartet is the name of the four projects directed by Chris Baldwin for Wroclaw 2016, European Capital of Culture, Poland. They told the story of Wroclaw to itself, to Poland, to Europe and beyond.

The Flow Quartet consisted of four interlinked projects:

Each project had a performance designed for nationwide and European audiences.

As in all quartets, this was a work for four instruments or voices:

* PEOPLE: the voices of artist citizens associated with the stories of Wroclaw/Breslau and the diasporas of the city now living around the world – predominantly in Germany, Israel, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

* SPACE: the public and open spaces, bridges, river, roads and parks of Wroclaw.

* SOUND and DESIGN: New music and design were developed as the result of both intercultural collaborations and a celebration of the palimpsest nature of this city. We commissioned music and designs from Polish lighting magicians and floating object builders to French Spirit makers, bringing the city as manuscript into dramaturgical relief.

* DRAMATURGY: By combining people, space and sound/design the Flow Quartet presented a story which did not reduce the complexity of this city but rather acknowledges the contradictions, the historic trauma and it's incredible achievements. The projects also explored the city's hopes for the future.

Check the five articles, available in the Writings section, giving deep analyses of the process and the results of the long-term work in Wroclaw.