CCD Productions Ltd

CCD Production is an EU established and VAT registered in Bulgaria since the 16th July 2019.

The company works in the fields of creation and distribution of multidisciplinary theatrical, in-situ, large scale events, video and graphic representation, mapping, projections, urban games etc. It is also a partner in conducting seminars, courses, workshops, consultations, teaching and capacity building for different age and focus groups.

The Limited Liability Company is represented by Chris Baldwin being its owner, manager and artistic director and the co-owner and executive producer: Gina Kafedzhian.

Chris Baldwin is a performance director, curator and writer. He is known widely for Teatro de Creacion (TdC) and citizen-centred dramaturgy - approaches to making large scale performance designed for a place, about that place and made in deep collaboration with the people of that place. Chris Baldwin is an advisor to cities and rural spaces wishing to develop their cultural policies.

Gina Kafedzhian is a philologist with MAs in Ethnology and Art Management. She has broad experience and vast expertise in the field of cultural tourism and events management. Deputy Director Programme and Project manager for Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 for more than 6 years. For over 17 years she was the senior manager of the International Puppet Theatre Festival in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria presenting public multi-genre events for a diverse audience in Plovdiv. Certified participant in EU peer learning program Culture Heritage in Action. She is also Head of Projects for the BG BE ACTIVE Association.