The Four Spirits of Wroclaw - Opening

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Przebudzenie (Spirits of Wroclaw) Flow Quartet 2

Opening Ceremony  - Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture 2016 -  17th January 2016.

The Second Movement of the 'The Flow Quartet' - The Four Spirits of Wroclaw woke up (Przebudzenie) in different corners of the city. Gradually they made their way to the centre (Rynek) passing through streets, bridges and communities – all rebuilt since 1945.

Each Spirit had it's own name, personality and story (check the MAP of the routes):

  • The Spirit of Flood
  • The Spirit of Many Faiths
  • The Spirit of Rebuilding
  • The Spirit of Innovation

The event celebrated the integration of citizen artists, space, design/music and dramaturgy – the people and city being the story, the city as the story, the places through which the spirits moved as they told their own chapters and verses. 200,000 spectators in the streets and millions of viewers on TV and the internet.

  • Artistic Director: Chris Baldwin
  • Spirits Design: Philippe Geffroy
  • Composer: Paweł Romańczuk

The full recording of the whole event:

The video start at 1:35:40 h

 The centre (Rynek) event:

Photos: Milosz Poloch, Maziarz Rajter, Filip Basara, Marcin Biodrowski, Paulina Szuta

The preparation and the rehearsals: