Plovdiv 2019

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The official programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

On the 5the September 2019 Chris Baldwin directed the official event presenting the upcoming year of rich and diverse culture of Plovdiv ECoC 2019.

'The ceremony at the Plovdiv Drama Theatre presents the development of the initiative, the people involved in its realization in Plovdiv, the current team working on the project, as well as the calendar of the key events for 2019. The direction by Chris Baldwin features the participation of the composer Miroslav Turiyski; dancers from Lindy Hop Bulgaria; choreography from Yanitsa Atanasova; the brass band musicians - Venelin Georgiev (saxophone), Darin Ivanov (trumpet), Blagoi Geshev (trombone), Tsenko Melin (tuba),  Alexander Lekov (bass) and Kristian Zhelev (percussion), a string quartet from the State Opera - Plovdiv: Dobrina Nikolova, Zafirka Angelova, Tatyana Filipova, Antoaneta Ryahova, Yasko Argirov and “Brestovitsa” Orchestra; the incredible folklore singers from Nedelino – Denitza Gotcheva and Snezhana Kisyova and one of the best Plovdiv-based visual artists: the studios Punkt, SensLab and Kamen Slavov’s team; and more friends and partners of Plovdiv 2019.'

The programme of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture is structured in four thematic platforms  - FUSE, TRANSFORM, REVIVE and REALX, linked to the typical features of our city, its cultural heritage, history, the rhythm of life, as well as to the problems and the stereotypes which we would like to overcome. The basic meaning and key for understanding the whole programme, the ideas of the different platforms and their inner logic is the motto “Together”. Clear and universal, this motto summarizes in one word both the pride and the greatest challenges of our project. Check more details here.

Here is a recording of the event, in English: