Creativity: Love in Action Ethics to guide creative transformation

by Chris Baldwin

The creation of new ideas can have positive or negative impacts on the world. For creativity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the world, it needs an ethical framework to guide the creation of positively transformative ideas and actions. Here are some ethical provocations to frame your creative process. What else would you add?

  1. Common good. Find motivation to create ideas that contribute to the common good of people and the planet, not only financially motivated reasons.
  2. Humanity. Creativity thrives in psychologically safe spaces. Make people feel respected and valued by creating a space that enables everyone to express themselves and their individuality without judgement or prejudice. Create ideas and solutions that support equality and compassion with and amongst people, including people who are differently abled, all genders and races.
  3. Inquisitiveness. Dialogue and deep listening is crucial to identifying blocks and solutions to challenges, whether social or material. This is the starting point for all creative processes.
  4. Sustainability. All actions and products relate to the environment through the idea of materials, interaction with other species and use of natural resources, whether it be water, land or natural elements. How can your ideas and creations contribute positively to environmental sustainability?
  5. Connection. Share ideas and create relationships and networks through which creative energy can flow. Overcome fear by acknowledging its presence and connect with others to remind yourself that fear is a common, human experience which we find the courage to face in connection.

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