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MYSTERIES OF TRANSITION The opening of Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2023 - Elefsina is transformed into an open-air celebration of Europe.

A two-day event which is free to the public and streamed via national TV.

MYSTERIES OF TRANSITION consists of a multifaceted spectacle that develops along the coastline, connecting the land, the sea and the air of Elefsina.

During the day of Saturday 4th of February four cultural processions arrive at the city's coastal front from four different starting points, in four different ways: via the sea (Sacred Sea Route), via Iera Odos (21Km), from other European countries including Belgium (TimeCircus pilgrimage), and through the city itself (The Elefsinian movement). The associations of the city will unite, the residents and visitors of the city will meet, and together they will watch and participate in the start of the MYSTERIES OF TRANSITION

The main show of the evening focuses on the history of Elefsina, its past, present and future, brought to life through the narration of a well-known local legend and storyteller who has worked in both Elefsina, its harbour and around the world through the 20th century and onwards, and whose vision of the future is bold and dynamic. This evocative narration is accompanied by the appearance of a mysterious creature/object from the depths of the sea. The audience along the shoreline and those watching on TV will be entranced by original music, enchanting choir singing and impressive lighting and digital graphics.

After the coast-front show, the audience is invited to extend their evening by walking along the ‘cultural coastline’ of Elefsina and experience dozens of additional cultural events which both tell us something about the place and its past and present and also offers an insight into some of the events taking place throughout 2023. 

Sunday 5th - THE SHARED CITY – locals and guests from Greece and around the world are invited to explore the city and its sights, delights, and tastes. The day starts with an offer for an in-situ visit of the installation of the mysterious object and then a special selection of exhibitions, tours and events will be waiting for everyone to engage and explore, thus marking the beginning of this spectacular and long-awaited year.

Details about the Opening Ceremony weekend you can find here.

Full programme of 2023 Eleusis for the year of the title you can find here.

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