Pageant of the Sea and Il Mappa Valletta, Malta

Il Mappa gives the voices of Valletta an opportunity to describe their pride and fears of present and future.

Using sixty sailing boats, projections by visual artist Charlie Cauchi, lighting by Petko Tanchev, music by Andrew Alamango, commissioned by Valletta Cultural Agency, the live broadcasting can be seen here, and since it is a big event with many diverse initiatives, note that the show starts @ 2hours:52 minutes into the video...or 46 minutes from end.

We built 'Il Mappa' by interviewing and recording local people and listening to what they told us about their city - Valletta. A fascinating story emerged about a real tension between tradition, culture and contemporary globalisation and economic forces.

A huge thanks to the whole team at Valletta Cultural Agency without whom such an enormous project would have been unthinkable. Thanks too to Mad About Video. In these times of Covid19 a live audience was not possible yet by working closely with Television Malta the event  was brought to a huge audience by TV director Ruben Cassar and team.

More about the project you can find here.