Kaunas Kantata Lithuania

An immersive musical experience created especially for Kaunas by composer Philip Miller (South Africa), visual artist Jenny Kagan (UK) and director Chris Baldwin (UK/Bulgaria).

(An English subtitled version will be available in due course)

Audiences find themselves in a labyrinth of music and video images in the Žalgiris Arena, where the viewer is able to choose which sound or artist to listen to and which image to watch. Kaunas Kantata, with premieres on 30th September and 1st October 2022, is a part of Kaunas 2022 CityTelling Festival programme

The work was inspired by personal testimonials, memories, and a rich and multifaceted world of sound. The creators ask: What does it mean to look into the face of “the other” and confront ourselves, and to look directly into the face of our own humanity? 

This immersive music piece has been created in collaboration with Lithuanian performers of various genres – the cantata will be performed by opera soloists Rafailas Karpis, Agnė Stančikaitė, Steponas Zonys, Tshegofatso Moeng (PAR), Folklore Group Kadujo, “Ainiai”, “Ratilėlis”, and Kaunas Symphony Orchestra, Kaunas State Choir, Brass Orchestra “Ąžuolynas”, VMU Students String Quartet, VMU Choir “Vivere Cantus”, Sacred Music School Choir “Cantores David”, Juozas Naujalis Music Gymnasium Pupils Choir, choirs “Cantate Domino”, “Gintaras”, speakers Bella Shirin and Violeta Rakauskaitė-Shtromas. The project was also joined by the Klezmer Orchestra from Seine (Poland).


Organizer: Kaunas 2022; Tickets 

More about the project you can find here.

Illiustration: © Jenny Kagan