The Trilogy of the Contemporary Myth of Kaunas. Act I: The Uprising

'It's happening!!! 22nd January 2022 is just around the corner. After a year of intense planning and work under the most extreme of conditions we are almost there! Hundreds of artists, producers, technical experts, citizens and volunteers from Lithuania, across Europe and beyond, have dedicated much of 2021 to working on this event. It is has been a great joy to work on this show as artistic director. If you can be with us you will receive a warm welcome and a huge smile from us all. If you want to watch online or on TV we will share details closer to the time.' Chris Baldwin

Photo of Chris Baldwin Kaunas 2022, photographer A. Bekeraitytė-Popierė.

Credtis: Kaunas 2022 / photographer A. Bekeraitytė-Popierė.  

In Kaunas, on January 19-23, 2022, culture will be inescapable. The city and the district surrounding it will officially become the European Capital of Culture! The opening weekend events, culminating with Act I of the Trilogy of the Contemporary Myth of Kaunas, will turn the city into one big European stage and set everyone’s mood for the year-long cultural marathon.

The uprising will start in Kaunas District on January 19 and move towards the centre of Kaunas in light circles. The act will reach its peak at 7:30 pm, January 22, 2022. During the weekend surrounding the big moment, between January 19 and 23, more than 100 events, including premieres, exhibitions, concerts and spectacles, will take place, all connected through the new myth of Kaunas and the uprising of the Beast.

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