Chris Baldwin is speaking at the Arts and Audiences Conference in Gothenburg


How can the arts get involved with the pressing need for social change? How do we engage audiences to contribute to a resilient transition into an upgraded world? And what, in practical terms, do we need to change to be successful? The specific topics of the conference are: “Audience in Transition” “Artists in Transition” “Institutions in Transition” and “Leadership in Transition”.

Check the recording of the panel in the gallery.

Arts and Audiences is a Nordic meeting point for cultural leaders, artists, artistic directors, curators, producers, learning managers, communication managers, cultural architects and strategists who want to find new ways to extend audience engagement. Arts & Audiences is a nordic platform for Audience Development hosted by NPU (Norway) from 2011 to 2013, CKI Denmark (2014-2015) and RePublik Sweden (2016).