The city is a story, but it can also be a storyteller

'The city is a story, but it can also be a storyteller. The diverse and multi-layered nature of the city is a story that needs to be told.' Chris Baldwin

An interview of Katarzyna Trzeciak for DUSZA MIASTA

'- Wrocław has its own spirit? Do you want to find it in the past or rather recall it from the future?

I am sure it does. It is a European city. In 1945, Europe experienced its zero hour. This was the moment when, after the collapse of humanity caused by Nazism, we had to start all over again. We, as Europeans, had no choice. Each country struggled with this task under certain conditions. Wrocław is fundamentally European, because it is in the middle of this history of Europe, it is its support point. It all started again - new people, the need to rebuild architecture and infrastructure. And perhaps it is not surprising that under such circumstances this "other" city was somewhat forgotten. The language has changed, the names have changed ... But this otherness has grown into the city, which is now preparing for the next big change.
The "Spirits of Wrocław" that we are preparing is the result of the year and a half conversations, formal and informal, metaphorical and poetic... I chose the English word "spirit" because I wanted to evoke the idea of ​​the essence or soul of a place, not a ghost as a phantom. I like ghosts! I also like dragons! But here the soul is important!'

The full article in Polish Language you can download from here.