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Artists Collaborators

This website contains information and photos of various projects directed or curated by Chris Baldwin. The following artists collaborated in the making of this work:

Pageant of the seas - Il Mappa (Valletta, Malta)

Soundscape direction: Andrew Alamango; Visual concept and direction: Charlie Cauchi; Light design and visual coordination: Petko Tanchev; Music production: Andrew Alamango, Andrej Vujicic; Mixing and mastering: Andrej Vujicic, Pablo Prada; Motion graphic design: Andres Algeciras; Production: Valletta Cultural Agency. With the participation of: Residents: Joseph and Michael Frendo, Pierre Darmanin, Alan Xerri, Lina & Corrado Rossitto, Joe Zammit, Robert Cassar & Karmenu Vassallo, Mario Bezzina, Paul Curmi and Christopher Caruana, Carnival Dance Company, Joe Bellizzi, Joe Camilleri ‘Il-Bibi’, Joe Debono, Elenya Mizzi, Genesi Cassar, Jenneyzia Degabriele Abela, Zvendrick Tonna from St Dominic MUSEUM and Anthony Polidano. Regatta: Malta Rowing Association - Senglea Regatta Club; Marsa Regatta Club; Bormla Regatta Club; Kalkara Regatta Club; Birżebbuġa Regatta Club; Birgu Regatta Club; Tellieqa Telliqun: David Cristina, Stephen Dalli, Terence Delia; Amber Azzopardi, Luca Zahra; Kenneth Laferla, Ryan Bezzina; Sephora Sammut, Ryan Farrugia; Steven Bezzina, Chris Spagnol; Andy Cassar; Jerone Micallef; Jude Sciberras, Daniel Debono; Johann Tabone, Kevin Grech, Jacob Azzopardi, Aaron Azzopardi.

Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture 2016 - The Flow Quartet

All the hundreds of artists and technical wizards involved cannot be named individually on this webpage. Special mention to Philippe Geffroy (Spirits Design), Pawel Romanczuk (Composer), Anka Chadaj (Costume), Bogumił Palewicz (Lighting), Pawel Pajak (Lighting Designer), Piotr Marushak (Animation Designer) Małgorzata Słuszkiewicz (Floating Animal Puppets), Pawel Zachanowicz (Sound Design), Alan Urbanek (Musical Director), Ewa Zurakowska (Scenic Director), Mary Sadowska (Scenic Director), Qayin Machiavelli (Scenic Director) Piotr Łukaszczyk (Scenic Director), Amir Shpilman (Composer), Jiří Kabát (Composer), Adam Porębsk (Composer), Udi Perlman (Composer), and Jacek Jasinski (Technical Management), Stephane Girard and Gratte Ciel (aerial artists, France), Dansnest company.

Epos, (La Rioja, Spain):

Written and directed by Chris Baldwin in collaboration with Carolina Ruiz Marcos and with the people of the Alhama Valley. Assistant Director Daniel Eriche. Composer Paul Barker. Designed by Tina Bicât, Chris Baldwin and Sam Wyer. Large puppets and shadow puppets by Sam Wyer. Puy Segurado played a key development role in the process as both performer and deviser.

El Tren Que Nunca Fue, (Toledo, Spain):

Written by Chris Baldwin and Carolina Ruiz Marcos with the people of Calera y Chozas. Designed by Chris Baldwin and Yell Zaba.

Suko (Teruel, Spain):

Written and designed by Chris Baldwin and Puy Segurado.

Sorginiak (Avala, Spain):

Written by Chris Baldwin, Carolina Ruiz Marcos and the people of Elvilar. Designed by Chris Baldwin, Tina Bicât, Yell Zaba, Carolina Ruiz Marcos, and the people of Elvilar.

The Devil’s Tale (Stourport, UK):

Written by Chris Baldwin. Designed by Tina Bicât. Additional design elements by Kate Rigby, Sam Wyer (dragon boat and fireboat) and Bridgette Lambart (fish puppets). Composer Paul Barker. 

The Way the Winds Blow (Rutland, UK):

Written by Chris Baldwin. Composer Nick Bicât. Design by Tina Bicât and Kate Rigby. Scenic Directors Mark Griffin and Fernando Bercebal. Large Osprey Puppets by Anami Schrijvers and Kate Bicât. Puppet and Object Maker (Horse) Kasper Svenstrup Hansen. Puppet and Object Maker Sophie Bellin.

Sculpture Project:

Design and Stories by Chris Baldwin and workshop participants.

Fausto (Nansa Valley, Cantabria, Spain):

Directed by Chris Baldwin. Written by Chris Baldwin, Carolina Ruiz Marcos, and the people of Nansa Design.

Raise the Sky (Olympic Torch Relay, Worchester, UK):

Directed and written by Chris Baldwin. Composer Nick Bicât. Designed by Tina Bicât and Kate Rigby.