Cultur(E)scapes - Innovation in Culture and Beyond UNeECC Annual Conference 2023, Veszprém, 27-29 September 2023, University of Pannonia

Since its foundation in 2006, UNeECC, the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture, has brought together established scholars, starting academics and PhD-students to participate in its Annual Conference where they can exchange research insights on ECoC and European Culture(s) and engage in dialogue with ECoC organizers such as local authorities and artists. 

The conference is traditionally located in one of the European Capital of Culture of the year and is organized by the local UNeECC university member. 

In 2023 the host was the University of Pannonia whose involvement in the European Capital of Culture Veszprém 2023 building and implementation is substantial. Taking into consideration the university organizers’ expertise and academic interest, and the ECoC organizers’ focus, the topical theme ‘Cultur(E)scapes: Innovation in Culture and Beyond’ settled as the most up-to-date.

More than 24 countries, were represented by their academics and cultural managers, who discussed and presented an overview in one of the following trends in the programme: Shared Cultural Responsibility, Cultural Land(E)scape, Land(E)scape in Tourism, Digital E-Spaces in Culture.  

Chris Baldwin presented the research-observation 'ECoCs – Finding the City Story – Citizen Centred Dramaturgy'. ECoC's are unique opportunities for cities to reflect upon their identities and future aspirations, led through artistic and cultural conversation. Cultural and curatorial practices, predicated on the co-negotiation of dramaturgies and performance of stories citizen-centre dramaturgy can impact or even dissipate the effects of social and collective trauma, recognize symptoms such as isolation, silencing, reactions of anger, political intolerance and can be mediated or reduced through these practices.

Find the full programme of the conference and the book of abstracts.

More about the network is available here.