Arts Festivals Summit Peralada Girona 23 - 26 April 2023

Chris Baldwin is a speaker at the event, organised by the European Arts Festivals Alliance

The Arts Festivals Summit takes place from 23 till 26 April 2023 in Peralada - Girona, Spain.

Hosted by the Festival Castell de Peralada, the Summit will unfold the 70 Years-On Agenda and invite festivals, cities, and the business sector to connect and work together on some key issues related to the role of the arts, festivals and festival stakeholders in society. Get ready for an inspiring 4-day event gathering 200 delegates in the heart of Catalonia.

Chris Baldwin is among the speakers of this year's Arts Festivals Summit. Find out more details:

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For 70 Years now, the European Festivals Association (EFA) is under continual construction: to contribute to the understanding that the role of the arts and arts festivals in society is to be harnessed more fruitfully; that trans-local and national collaboration is important to embrace the spirit of reciprocity and mutual learning; that the arts and festivals are a fundamental dialogue partner with all sorts of stakeholders around festival making.

In 2022, at the occasion of EFA’s 70th anniversary, the 70 Years-On Agenda was endorsed as a joint basis to enter into reflection and interaction about the responsibilities and possibilities of festivals today. Openness and expansion remain key features of the agenda; an agenda committed to a growing range of societal causes: environmental sustainability, arts in public spaces, inclusivity, etc. Elaborated by the 70 Years-On Thinking Group, the 70 Years-On Agenda guide EFA in the next few years.

Different crisis situations, such as the current war in Ukraine, fear and resentment in our societies or the skyrocketing prices of energy and raw materials, show the need for human connections and mutual support across borders. They also reveal that the world is interconnected and that the different spheres of society need to collaborate more to ensure public spaces, fundamental freedoms, health and well-being of our societies. Festivals are at the crossroads of several sectors such as tourism, urban planning, health, and business. EFA will be there to offer a platform for dialogue by bringing different stakeholders to the table.  

Let’s talk business and invite business representatives, next to city and regions delegates, to join our European Arts Festivals Alliance at work and discuss the 70 Years-On Agenda.

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Organisers: European Festivals Association