Mystery 0 MYSTERIES OF TRANSITION The opening of Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2023 - Elefsina is transformed into an open-air celebration of Europe.

Director of the Opening Weekend: Chris Baldwin. Concept: Michail Marmarinos, General Artistic Director 2023 Eleusis. Composer: Angelos Triantafyllou. Light Design and Projections: Petko Tanchev. Sculpture Designer: Philippe Geffroy. Sound Designer: Emmanuil Manousakis. Costume Designer: Paris Mexis. Executive Production: View Master Events. With the participation of: Athens State Orchestra and Chórεs. TV Director: Tilo Krause

A two-day event which is free to the public and streamed via national TV and available to watch here.

MYSTERY 0 Opening Ceremony Weekend consists of a multifaceted spectacle that develops along the coastline, connecting land, sea, and the sky of Elefsina.

Oh, the story! Or rather the stories!  This is the story of Elefsina, its harbour, life and dreams.Through this story we introduce many other voices from the past and the present. We are even invited to think about those yet to be born in Elefsina and indeed around the world. 

Before the show four cultural processions will have arrived at the city's coastal front from four different starting points, in four different ways; via the sea (Sacred Sea Route), via Iera Odos (21Km), from other European countries including Belgium (TimeCircus pilgrimage), and from multiple corners of the city itself representing all the various migrations which occurred over the past hundred years or so and make Elefsina what it is today (The Elefsinian movement). 

After the moment we all come together at the seafront you are invited to see, hear, listen, taste even, twenty-one+ other stories told through cultural happenings along the coastline. We have transformed it into a Cultural Coastline for one evening. 

This weekend consists of multiple stories absolutely of this place - yet they remain universal and urgent. In this hyper-saturated world of information, we invite you to slow down for a few hours and see with fresh eyes how beautiful and complex this place is, how rich are the voices which care for it, and how the concerns they express are ones for us all to engage with.

  • Full programme of 2023 Eleusis for the year of the title you can find here.