The Periphery in Transition: Myths, Memories and Stories about the Past

Gorna Bela Rechka is a village in the periphery of Northwest Bulgaria with about 50 inhabitants. The Northwest is the periphery of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the periphery of the EU … The village is the center of the international festival of memories GOATMILK and 16 years gathers people from all over the world. For the people who live here, the place is the center of their lives, their memories, dreams and sorrows.

Thanks to Marianna Assenova for the invitation to speak at this years Goat Milk Festival, Bulgaria, on 'Myths, Transition and the Periphery: Bulgaria 1989".  Delighted to speak alongside Mihail Gruev (Head of the Bulgarian State Archive and historian), Boyan Znepolsky (sociologist) and Prof. Evelina Kelbecheva (historian).

Full programme and details you can find here.

GOATMILK is an independent, non-commercial cultural festival, a meeting point for people to discuss personal and collective memories. It is an event for local people, artists, journalists, researchers from all over the world.