Mapping the Northwest (2010)

Applied Theatre and the Teaching of Disputed Histories
by Mariana Assenova and Chris Baldwin

2009 marked the 20th anniversary of the end of an era across much of Europe including Bulgaria. Communism ended on the 10th of November 1989. But how was this subject being approached by teachers of history in Bulgaria? And how did students respond to the stories of the lives of their immediate families?

This book collects together, in one bi-lingual volume, accounts of a project which placed students and teachers of history at the centre of a project designed to explore how the arts might facilitate a fresh examination of these issues. 

In the period since publication this book has been recognised as a significant contribution to the subject of memory studies, teaching methodologies and the way social trauma and the way in which history is constructed often overlap and intersect one another.

You can download the pdf edition from here.