interconnectedness and interdependence of everything

'The notion of periphery is useful if it makes us work harder at seeing what we might otherwise be missing; the interconnectedness and interdependence of everything. If we, our economy, and the planet are not at the centre, as ecologists, geographers and psychologists remind us, then where are we? Both Biemann and Manifold allude to an ecological connectedness and sensibility which places importance on the often-disguised relationship between organisms and their physical surroundings.' Chris Baldwin

Deep Weather Artistic Practice at the Periphery

The Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) has published the article of Chris Baldwin ‘Deep Weather’. It’s about artistic practice ‘at the periphery’ and looks at work happening as part of European Capitals of Culture, Galway2020 and Plovdiv2019.

'Wherever we find ourselves, whether at ‘kilometer zero’ in Madrid’s Sol or watching Medea at an open air ancient Roman theatre in south east Europe, we human beings have the tendency to place ourselves at the centre of things. For millennia, we peered up and put ourselves and our planet at the centre of the cosmos. So is being at the centre of things a natural instinct, a melancholic mechanism deeply rooted in our survival mechanism, a dangerous obsession which we are warned to rethink by ecologists and psychologists? Yet our economies, our politics, our families invariably tend to create hierarchies of power based on both geographical and social notions of the centre verses the periphery.'...

The full article can be read here.

‘Deep Weather’ in Digital Ecologies Exhibition (Photo Credits: Emil Mirazchiev)

Photo Credits: Emil Mirazchiev