People asked me what it meant to be European

'People asked me what it meant to be European. This question is very much alive in Poland, especially in Wrocław. What happened in Wrocław in the 20th century is a microcosm of what is happening in Europe today. How are we to find a common language and develop a common identity with so many identities, languages, religions, needs and aspirations so as not to fight each other every 50 years? We Europeans must face this. And for that we need culture. It allows us to enjoy the differences that exist between us and does not allow them to become an excuse for dividing us and leading us to barricades against each other.' Chris Baldwin

At the end of the ECoC year - the floor was to the citizens of Wroclaw

An interview in Polish language for Tygodnik Wrocław by Dorota Oczak-Stach

The full interview you can download from here