Chris Baldwin

Performance  Culture Transformations

The Body Zone: Nadine Bommer Dance Company (Israel),  Batsheva Dance (Israel),   Machol Shalem Dance House in cooperation with Teatr Tańca Zawirowania (Poland)....and,"Puk Puk Tdo Tam" (Where are you from?)

The Zone of Whispers:  Urban spaces used to explore the hidden stories of families from Lower Silesia in the 20th Century (Directors Piotr Lucaszczyk and Kamil Przybos ; plus “Dancenest” (Holland).

Zone of Borders: Stories of and told by Ukrainian people living in Poland. Director: Zosia Dowjat.

Zone of Tastes: German and Polish Storytelling in Botanical Gardens. Artistic Coordination by Theater der Jungen Welt, Liepzig and Mary Sadowska.